Experience The Wheel of Progress

Workshop auf der Agile Konferenz 2019

When: Nov. 7, 2019
Where: Frankfurt, Germany

Jobs to be Done

Agilere Entwicklung durch den Jobs to Be Done-Ansatz. Wie man Jobs to Be Done-Interviews führt und auf dem Wheel of Progress dokumentiert, um wertvolle Kunden-Jobs zu entdecken. 

Tickets Agile Konferenz 2019

Two round-table discussions at Lean Innovation Summit 2019

When: Nov. 12, 2019
Where: Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Wheel of Progress

Join us for the Round Table and find out how you can base your innovations on the human desire to making progress in life – the very reason why people are interested in new products.

Experience The Wheel of Progress, a new business tool based on the Jobs to Be Done theory. The Wheel of Progress embraces Jobs to Be Done best practices and enhances it by critical aspects – all integrated into one canvas.

Access limited to 10 attendees, no pre-registration possible.

Registration with 10% speaker discount