Start with Invaluable Customer Profiles​

Addressing the right customer jobs, pains and gains is crucial for building strong value propositions. Build a lasting competitive edge by learning how to rapidly create real-world customer profiles.

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The Wheel of Progress

  • Pragmatic tool & method for building strong customer profiles.
  • Based on the Jobs to Be Done framework.
  • Produces research-based customer profiles in one week.

Create customer profiles with confidence

  • Stop working based on assumptions or using ambigous statements. 
  • Start with valid customer profiles, based on customer research.
  • Understand what's driving customers towards new solutions.
  • Discover the higher purpose of customer jobs. Avoid being caught at the "task" level.
  • Leverage most valuable customer jobs for your innovation efforts and campaigns.
Masterclass Program

Benefits of applying The Wheel of Progress

It is wonderfully simple and surprisingly deep at the same time.

Jonathan Briggs, Founder Hyper Island. Honorary Professor Teesside University

Focus on existing customer jobs, jobs that are underserved and worthwhile to pursue.

Gain insights that help you understand where to innovate, market and sell new products.

Create results in one week with our systematic, repeatable, and proven process.

Seamlessly transfer outcomes into the Value Proposition Canvas by Strategyzer.

Communicate customer jobs to colleagues effectively through storytelling.

Practically apply the Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) theory, advocated by thought leaders.

How it works

1. Discover customers' desires for progress

2. Identify greatest opportunities for satisfying customer jobs

3. Build meaningful customer profiles as a basis for strong value propositions

A method that facilitates the process

Our pragmatic method helps you run customer research projects confidently. It is based on years of experience working with companies from startups to enterprises and teaching the jobs theory to hundreds of participants.

We do qualitative research a bit differently

Learn how people want to make progress in life. Cut out the clutter.

Visual Design

Our method is highly visual. We use a canvas and color-coded shapes to distringuish the different elements of a customer job and make it easy to recognize dependencies.

Step-by-Step Approach

Gathering and processing qualitative data is a demanding task. Our structured approach helps you run customer research projects confidently. We broke down the complex process into single steps.


The collaborative approach lets you take advantage of the different lenses of your team members. This is especially important when interviewing and interpreting interview data.

A toolset that makes the Jobs to Be Done principle practicable

The Wheel of Progress® is the center piece of our unique approach. This tool is a simple, all-in-one canvas that supports a structured jobs-to-be-done research. It facilitates finding isights by enabling practitioners to identify connections between forces of progress, constraints and events. It also helps you to identify customer jobs at the highest level.

Elements of The Wheel of Progress

Capture and analyze customer interview artifacts with a logical, simple structure.

There are more than a dozen types of pains and gains. We break them down into categories to make then distinguishable and actionable.

Understanding the constraints is a key piece of understanding context.

The purchase cycle provides the overall framework and allows you to capture and identify typical events that drive progress.

Not all customer jobs are created equal. Our method helps you prioritize jobs along meaningful dimensions.

We look at all dimensions of a customer job coherently: functional, emotional, and social jobs.

The Statement of Desired Progress helps you to formulate an addressable desire for progress.

Our toolbox contains a handbook, the JTBD Interview Cards, training cards, canvases, Statty Notes, and more. It contains everything you need to get started.

Acquire the skills with The Wheel of Progress Masterclass

This highly interactive workshop provides you with the necessary skills to get started with The Wheel of Progress toolset. It is offered as a 2-day classroom or 4-day virtual workshop.

Learn how to ask purposeful questions in jobs-to-be-done interviews.

Learn how to master the complex task of consolidating and evaluating customer interviews step-by-step.

Learn from real-world cases.

Use the tools & process online, in an in person setting or as a blended solution.

Show your new skills to your employer and colleagues throuth a certificate of attendance.

Learn from the creators and experienced JTBD practitioners.

Participating in The Wheel of Progress Masterclass finally provided me with the tools to understand the higher purpose of customer needs, make them expressible and addressable.

Stephan Abeler, consultant for customer-centric transformation

Some of the brands we've worked with

The Wheel of Progress virtual Masterclass


4 days from 9:00 to 12:30 h

Monday (Introduction & Tools)

Module 1

  • Welcome and warm-up
  • Foundation
  • Introduction to The Wheel of Progress

Module 2

  • The Wheel of Progress toolbox
  • Observation of a sample interview
  • Interviewing exercise

Tuesday (Interviewing)

Module 3

  • Preparing for an interview
  • Assigning roles
  • Practicing JTBD interviews

Thursday (Analysis, Evaluation & VPC)

Module 4

  • Analyzing and consolidation of customer interviews
  • Evaluation of customer jobs
  • Creating a Statement of Desired Progress

Module 5

  • Transferring results into the Value Proposition Canvas
  • Creating a value proposition based on the customer profile
  • Mastering channels and desirability

Friday (Recruitment, Process & JTBD Sprints)

Module 6

  • Recruitment strategy for interviewees
  • Development of a screener
  • Incenting interviewees

Module 7

  • Project setup, workshop design and organizing interview sprints
  • A best practices framework for driving the customer jobs creation process
  • Conclusion of the Masterclass


  • Basic knowledge of the Jobs to Be Done theory
  • High-speed internet connection
  • 2 monitors (recommended)

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Link to Eventbrite

Cancellations with a 100% ticket refund until 7 days prior to the Masterclass start date.

Masterclasses are presently offered in German and English. Please check the language version when registering.


Q: Can The Wheel of Progress be used for both, consumer research and research in a business context?
A: Absolutely. The Jobs to Be Done theory and The Wheel of Progress are appropriate for either scenario.

Q: What languages are The Wheel of Progress Masterclasses availble in?
A: We do deliver mainly in German and English. Other languages will be available at a later date. Please check the language version when registering.

Q: Do you have any examples of The Wheel of Progress?
A: Please check
The Wheel of Progress website.

Q: Where can I buy The Wheel of Progress canvases?
A: Please visit the Stattys online store.

Q: Do you offer the Masterclass as inhouse classes?
A: Yes. If you are interested, please contact us.

About Us

Eckhart Boehme

Eckhart is a product management & innovation consultant and a recognized Jobs to Be Done expert. In his last position at Microsoft Corporation, he helped the company to introduce the value proposition process.

Eckhart served as the subject matter expert on the German version of Clayton Christensens‘ book „Competing Against Luck“, trained hundreds of participants on the application of the theory and has led jobs to be done research projects.

Peter Rochel

Peter is the owner of Oberwasser Consulting, a boutique management consultancy, specialized in excellence analysis and helping organizations to align their transformation with customer needs.

Peter has been working based the jobs to be done theory since 2006 and has been active as one of the most experienced practitioners in Western Europe.

Eckhart and Peter co-developed the Wheel of Progress, a tool for creating innovations based on customer insights