The Wheel of Progress® Interview Cards

Asking the right questions in customer interviews is crucial for the effective and meaningful gathering of qualitative data.

The Wheel of Progress® cards provide you with a basic set of questions that help you uncover the buying process (aka the cycle of progress). The questions support customer interviews using the The Wheel of Progress canvas. They cover the 12 variables contained on the canvas and are color coded for quick orientation.


  • 50 cards helping you to lead Jobs-to-be-done interviews
  • PDF format
  • Compatible with The Wheel of Progress canvas
  • Color coded cards for easy navigation
  • Questions cover 12 variables:
    • Jobs-to-be-done, Pains & Gains
    • Events, Constraints, and „hired“ Solutions
    • Pushes & Habits, Expected Outcomes & Avoidances, Pulls & Anxieties

The easy-to-navigate card set contains an The Wheel of Progress canvas tha provides links to appropriate questions for each of the variables. Use it on your desktop PC or mobile device. Jump to particular questions or scroll through question-by-questions in a logical order.

Sample Card


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