The Wheel of Progress

The Wheel of Progress is a new business tool based on the Jobs to Be Done theory.

It integrates the crucial elements that help understand a so called customer job:

  • the journey a customer takes, from first thought to the use of the solution,
  • formation of expectations,
  • forces of progress that drive and inhibit the move towards a new solution
  • limiting context that constrains customers‘ ability to making progress, and
  • experiece with the current solution.

The Wheel of Progress allows you to

  • capture,
  • structure,
  • analyze,
  • evaluate,
  • communicate customer jobs, and
  • transfer them to the Value Proposition Canvas by Strategyzer.

Understanding customer jobs helps innovators and marketers to understand among other things

  • the human desire for progress (the „higher purpose“),
  • the pattern of events driving the customer’s journey,
  • the struggle to making progress and trade-offs
  • the satisfaction with the current solution and
  • opportunities for new markets, innovations and product improvements.

„It is wonderfully simple and surprisingly deep at the same time.“ Jonathan Briggs, Founder Hyper Island & Troublemaker. Honorary Professor Teesside University.

Read the full review here.


Offener Workshop (deutsch): 5.11.2019 in Frankfurt am Main (eventbrite)

Open Workshop (English): 16.11.2019 in Milan (eventbrite)


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