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Customer Profile by Alexander Osterwalder

Create customer profiles with confidence

Benefits of applying The Wheel of Progress

Build your customer profiles based on customer research. Focus on real customer jobs that are underserved and worthwhile to pursue.

Gain the insights that help you understand where to innovate, market and sell new products.  You will acquire the crucial understanding of the entire cycle customer go through to making progress: from the first thought to using the solution.

Take advantage of a systematic, repeatable, and proven process.

Seamlessly transfer outcomes directly into the Value Proposition Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder. Inform your Business Model Canvas by insights.

Take full advantage of the Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) theory, a leading innovation framework advocated by innovation thought leaders.

The Method

Our pragmatic method helps you run customer research projects confidently. It is based on years of experience working with companies from startups to enterprises and teaching the jobs theory to hundreds of participants.

Our method breaks down the complex process down into simple tasks. Conducting and analyze customer interviews is done step-by-step in a logical order.

The collaborative approach lets you take advantage of the different values, experiences, and perspectives of your team members. This is especially important when interviewing and analyzing interview data.

The Toolset

The Wheel of Progress

The Wheel of Progress® is the center piece of our unique approach. The Wheel of Progress is a simple, all-in-one canvas that supports a structured way to doing jobs-to-be-done research. It facilitates finding insights by enabling to identify connections between forces of progress, constraints and events. I also enables you to identify the customer jobs at the highest level.

There are at least a dozen types of pains and gains. We break them down into categories to make them distriguishable and actionable.

Understanding the constraints that are central to the ability to making progress in life is crucial. We capture the circumstances under which a job got executed to learn how they shaped the nature of the job-to-be-done.

Events along the purchase cycle provide a structure to the canvas, help to tell the customer’s story and allow to recognize patterns related to defining events.

Not all customer jobs are created equal. Our process helps you prioritize jobs along meaningful dimensions.

The Statement of Desired Progress is a structured statement that helps you to genaralize the desire for progress.

JTBD Cards

The JTBD cards help conducting structured customer interviews. They support you in asking purposeful questions, avoid common mistakes and give you ideas for other productive questions. The answers can be populated in the The Wheel of Progress.

The Wheel of Process Masterclass

Our propietary learning method helps you acquire the skills necessary to get started.

Learn how to ask purposeful questions in customer interivews. Acquire the skills to ask questions that advance your understanding of customer jobs and cut out the clutter.

Learn how to master the complex task of conducting and evaluating customer interviews step-by-step.

Learn from real-world cases.

Get a toolbox with all the tools you need.

Use the tools & process online, in a class-room setting or as a blended solution.

Learn from the creators and experienced JTBD practitioners.

Enhance your training records by a certificate of attendance. Demonstrate to your employer and colleagues your newest skills.

Get started with building effective customer profiles.

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